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Volume I Issue I

The following page contains articles belonging to Volume I of the Eagan Journal of Contemporary Research. 

All articles are indexed in Google Scholar, ISSN, ResearchGate, CrossRef, and FATCAT research catalog.

ISSN: 2950-6778          DOI: 10.61495

Volume 1, Issue 1 (2022 June)


Accessible Open-Access Publications for Sri Lankans

Dr. S. Selvaratnam


Individual, Family, and Contextual Factos Associated with Relapse among Afgan Drug Treatment Clients

Dr. Abdul Rastin, Dr. Thulitha Wickrama, Dr. Michael J. Merten

Understanding South Asian Collegiate Experiences: Facilitating Campus Leadership Self-Efficacy

Naren D. Selvaratnam, Prof. Dr. Barbara D. Holmes

Post-Graduate Quantitative Research Methodology: A Strategic Plan to Alleviate Student Anxiety

Navodya C. Selvaratnam, Nayagara Karunaratne, Lahiru Pothmulla, Naren D. Selvaratnam

Action Research: Implementing a Strategy to Improve Post-Graduate Student Dissertation Evaluation & Feedback

Naren D. Selvaratnam

Essential Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements of F, M, and J Visa Nonimmigrant Students to SEVIS

Naren D. Selvaratnam

Exploring Hypnotic Trance to Generate a Newer Framework for Psychotherapy

Naren D. Selvaratnam, Ayesha Badurdeen, Aadhila Biswas, Gevin Linden, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi

A Retrospective Study on Patients with ENT Injuries Following Road Traffic Accidents at a Tertiary Care Medical Institution in Sri Lanka

Navodya C. Selvaratnam, Dr. S. Selvaratnam, A. M. N. A. D. Janani Sandunika Nanayakkara, Prof. Samath D. Darmarathne, Dr. W. M. C. Naranpanawa

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