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Action Research: Implementing a Strategy to Improve Post-Graduate Student Dissertation Evaluation & Feedback

Naren D. Selvaratnam

Executive Summary

The following action research introduces deficits associated with dissertation evaluation of a masters in psychology program at a higher education institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was identified that the chosen institute does not provide proper instructions and training for the academic staff to effectively assess post-graduate student dissertations. This has resulted in multiple score disputes and concerns over the dissertation moderation processes. Thus, the author has proposed a comprehensive strategy outlining an effective training program to support the academics of the institute to adopt a holistic assessment criteria against the existing rigid analytic criteria to help promote impartial and reason-based grades for students justifiable at external verification. This research may be of significance as it demonstrates the mechanisms involved in improving academic processes in a university. Further, this paper can be used as a guiding document to conduct future action research at university settings in Sri Lanka.


Keywords: Dissertations, Holistic Assessment Criteria, Action Research


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