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Eagan Journal of Contemporary Research (EJCR) is a vision of two siblings who are passionate about scientific research and adding value to the community they live in. Deep Haven Counseling (DHC) is one such vision that came into existence to advance psychological education and practice in Sri Lanka. DHC commenced the first-ever practitioner-focused Diploma in Counseling & Psychotherapy (DCP).


EJCR branches out from DHC to foster scientific research primarily in three disciplines of study, i.e. Psychology, Education, and Public Health. Unlike Public Health research, Psychology and Education research is comparatively under-represented among the scholarly publications in the country. Thus, we perceived the necessity of encouraging scientific research in the above two disciplines. However, under-representation limits not only to disciplinary research output but also to sectoral research output. Thus, with years of observation, we understood the necessity for an initiative to represent one such under-represented sector of the country without compromising the standards and quality expected from scholarly publications. Through EJCR, we attempt to inculcate a culture in which a greater engagement in scientific research work and publication of research work is observed among researchers, even from the private sector of the country. 


Our vision does not limit to merely creating a platform to share scientific research work with the community. We strive to forward a helping hand to all researchers, including research enthusiasts, by creating a community that shares a wealth of knowledge valuable in conducting scientific research. As we believe knowledge should be open to everyone, we provide open and unrestricted access to all the research work we publish. 

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Dr. Sinnadurai Selvaratnam

Consultant ENT Surgeon

Suwasewana Hospital Kandy

Asiri Surgical Kandy

Prof. Sampath Tennakoon

Professor in Community Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

University of Peradeniya

Orchid ID: 0000-0002-0648-614X

Dr. Thulitha Wickrama

Senior Research Associate

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

Naren D. Selvaratnam

Adjunct Faculty

School of Psychology

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)

Orchid ID: 0000-0001-8576-3979

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