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Yet a growing field in Sri Lanka.

Thus, our efforts are to promote the growth of this discipline in Sri Lanka. We believe EJCR would encourage students and academics in the discipline to engage more in scientific research and share their work with the community. 

Public Health

EJCR attempts to encourage more engagement in scientific research among researchers that represent the private sector. We attempt to provide more opportunity for these research enthusiasts to communicate their research findings with the community.


EJCR is a proponent of Action Research and encourage teacher-practitioners to publish findings of their school research. Through this, we attempt to enhance student learning experiences, improve school administration, and encourage the development of key policies based on evidence.

Our Research Interests:

  • Self-efficacy & Leadership Efficacy

  • Race-Relations and Minority Issues in Education

  • Student Engagement, Inclusion, and Diversity

  • Academic Policy and Policy Analysis

  • Psychometrics: Scale Adaptation & Validation, Item Response Theory (IRT)

  • Cognitive Theory: Distorted Thinking, Relational Frame Theory, and Compulsive Behaviors

  • Client experiences and the application of hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotherapy for pain management, relationship problems, anxiety alleviation, and relaxation

  • Type 2 Diabetes in migrant populations

  • Type 2 Diabetes and social determinants of health

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