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Volume II Issue I

The following page contains articles belonging to Volume II of the Eagan Journal of Contemporary Research. 

All articles are indexed in Google Scholar, ISSN, ResearchGate, CrossRef, and FATCAT research catalog.

ISSN: 2950-6778          DOI: 10.61495

Volume II, Issue 1 (2023 December)


Introspection, reflection, qualia, & consciousness: Making-sense of an 80-hour psychotherapy internship

Naren D. Selvaratnam​

Social, family context, and prevention of mosquito-borne diseases in developing countries: A case of dengue in Sri Lanka

K. A. Thulitha Wickrama, K. A. S. Wickrama, Michael J. Merten, Sukunan Gunasingham, Sivaguru Thanigaseelan, Saranya Sathiyavasan​

Complex psychotropic polypharmacy among patients with bipolar disorder

Navodya C. Selvaratnam

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