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How to Run Essential Analyses in R Studio: For First Year Undergraduate Students with No Background in Programming

Naren D. Selvaratnam

About the book:

R is one of my go-to software for data analysis. Since SPSS does not offer some high-end analysis for us on a Macintosh operating system, I was always on the lookout for a better alternative. I have used JASP and JAMOVI as well. However, the degree to which it could assist me with various forms of statistical modeling is minimal. Unlike SPSS, R is more flexible and offers quite a lot of customization for researchers. At first, I was intimidated by R, but, slowly, I managed to learn the basics to help me run most of the analysis required to teach my undergraduate students. I am still learning R and the different packages it offers.

Naren is an accomplished academic and researcher with over 8-years of teaching experience and expertise in psychology, education, and management. Notably Naren has played varied roles in successfully managing, developing, and/or instructing in franchised psychology and management programs of prestigious European institutions including Coventry University, Northampton University, Liverpool John Moores University, Vern Polytechnic, and London Metropolitan University.


As a PhD trained researcher Naren boasts a notable record of research publications including Scopus-Indexed articles that delve into macro-social aspects of Sri Lankan politics and governance. His research focal points encompass educational policy, psychotherapy, psychometrics, and psycholinguistics. Proficient in various statistical tools including SPSS, SPSS AMOS, JASP, JAMOVI, and R, Naren also possesses advanced skills in interpretative phenomenology for both psychological and sociological research.

Beyond academia Naren is a dynamic entrepreneur with a diversified business portfolio spanning education, healthcare, and real estate. He is a distinguished academic and researcher with a solid educational foundation from the United States and Malaysia where he earned four degrees including a Ph.D. at near completion.

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