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“​​Scientific research serves as a beacon of promise, propelling progress and enriching the lives of all beings. Yet, for this potential to fully flourish, the fruits of knowledge must be universally accessible. In Sri Lanka, while there exist certain avenues for the dissemination of scientific research on a global scale, the call for greater platforms becomes evident. The need is particularly pronounced in breaking down the barriers that hinder representation from sectors, such as the private education sphere, which faces unique challenges in conducting and disseminating research, especially within the local context. A culmination of years of observation and unwavering conviction has led us to conceive EJCR—a vision fueled by the aspiration to construct an inclusive platform. Our endeavor is to cultivate an environment where researchers hailing from these underrepresented backgrounds can readily share their invaluable contributions, nurturing a culture of sustained scientific engagement.”

Navodya C. Selvaratnam 

Journal Manager

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